Definitive Guide to Slot Car Racing

Yellow Slot Car with a Classic Design

Anyone that wants speed and competition would love slot car racing. This hobby reached its peak back in the 1960s is fast gaining new fans due to advances in technology. Slot car racing is the perfect alternative to video games as it also features similar skill sets such as hand-eye coordination, manual dexterity, risk versus reward and more.  The top two brands in the industry are Carrera and Scalextric Sport. The former attracts to a more younger fan base while the latter is for enthusiasts and older racers.  Here is a guide to slot cars:

Digital Versus Analog

Both Scalextric and Carrera provide customers with analog and digital versions of their slot cars. Analog slot cars are the type that has been around for more than fifty years and is limited when it comes to the number of cars in the lanes. The controller adjusts the power sent to the track lane, which in turn speeds up or slows the car. Whereas a digital setup, the controller is programmed to control the slot car itself.  There are crossover areas that can let you change lanes for overtaking, passing or blocking your opponents. The tracks are also more sophisticated as they are programmed to support more cars. This allows more people to join and have fun in a single race alone.

Considerations When Slot Car Racing

Age of the Racer

Slot car racing is best for kids 8 years or older.  There is a good deal of finesse and skill to navigate the track. There are hairpin turns that might frustrate a younger person. Lots of practice is good. One needs to navigate the tracks and control the amount of speed on the tracks lest it might skitter away.  While for some that may be also part of the fun experience.  The fact that some skills are needed means kids won’t quickly become bored, as they will be challenged.

Location of Track

The fact that you have a 3-dimensional track is quite awesome. The problem is you need to have adequate space to build your layout.  The living room might be a good idea for starter sets but there is a good chance they can get stepped over. Carrera makes very sturdy and reliable tracks so this won’t be an issue.  However, you should choose a location based on the size and layout of the track you want.


While a starter set may be easy to assemble and disassemble, more sophisticated tracks can be cumbersome to remove and put together if you are playing it more frequently.  Pulling track pieces apart is normally tougher than simply clipping them together. Just make sure that you tug evenly so as to prevent snapping the connector tabs off. Keep in mind the repeated assembly and disassembly can loosen the connectors when what you should be looking for is a snug fit.

The best solution is to setup the track in a location where it can be left out, ideally on a table platform. In this way, you will only need to take it apart if you want to modify its appearance.


The great thing about slot cars of today is they require little or no upkeep. Simply clean the lanes of any debris that might have accumulated are all you need. Ensure that the slot cars are kept dry.  For analog cars, make sure the braided wires underneath the slot car always have good contact with the tracks.

Slot cars are a great hobby for both young and old. It provides clean and exciting fun for your friends. It fosters teamwork, camaraderie and drive to win. The amazing details you can find in today’s latest slot car models are mind-boggling.  You will definitely enjoy many hours of endless fun comparing and racing them.